Self Storage Facilities and Security

The items you store may look insignificant to other people, but they are yours. For a while, you will need to keep it out of your home and don’t wish for anyone else to look through it. When choosing a storage unit, you should always ask the facility about their security. Security measures differ greatly depending on whether the facility is owned by a criminal or not, and also the location of the company. The choice is yours.

The majority of self storage units take measures to ensure the safety and security of their premises. A basic fence around the property with cameras could be enough, or maybe you want a more secure facility with video-recorded surveillance equipment and 24 hour security. This will depend on the items you plan to store, as well as how secure you would like your storage facility.

Some items can easily be replaced, and therefore may require less coverage. There may be a need for more coverage if the item is sentimental. Look at the possible storage spaces. Unsecure businesss with dark corners, holes in fences and inadequate lighting are obvious. If your business has a dark place with poor lighting and holes in the fence, then it is not secure.

You should look for an system with guards who are on the premises or by the company that monitors the alarm. This will allow you to connect the dispatch of the local police. Also, motion detectors can be useful. Others have motion detectors which detect an opened unit and notify security in the event that it is left open.

The visitor access system makes all the difference. Restricted access systems prevent those who aren’t renters from entering unnecessarily and randomly. It is also useful to have access code-protected gates and a sign in/sign out system. The gate may require that you swipe your card to get in.

A facility which also has emergency units in case of smoke or fire is ideal. The grounds should be smoke-free as smoking can lead to fires. Smoke and fire alarms are required in all facilities.

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